We have had an exciting week this week! Lots of children have been creating dens in the woods, gathering sticks and planks to create tipi like structures. We’ve even used rope and tarpaulin to shelter us from all of the rain!

Due to all of the rainy weather we have discovered lots and lots of wriggly worms! The children have carefully collected some to make a wormery. We are enjoying watching them create tunnels under the soil and are learning why it is important to keep the soil moist.

The children have been particularly caring with the dolls this week, feeding the babies milk, burping them, washing their clothes and bathing them. Lots of older siblings have shared their expertise with their friends on how to take care of babies and young children.

The grown-ups in Reception have been busy building a new vegetable plot for the children to re-plant the beans and peas that we have been growing. We have even planted two fruit trees for the children to enjoy! Although we have managed to purchase some soil and compost for the new plot, we would appreciate any donations that parents would like to add to help us grow fresh vegetables!

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