Our Curriculum has been dynamically planned; every element is carefully considered enabling a shared vision of high quality teaching and learning to permeate through the school. Our philosophy is to ensure:

  • Learning is based on knowledge rich experiences, underpinned by carefully considered and progressively planned skills.
  • Progress is measured by the level of independence, resilience and confidence in the application of skills and vocabulary, this is called ‘learning autonomy’.
  • Learning autonomy is defined by our team as ‘being able to use and apply skills independently and in a range of situations. The autonomy enables us to strongly identify when skills transform into knowledge and have been committed to long term memory.

Curriculum Policies

Each Subject Leader has created a bespoke policy, which outlines the intent, implementation and impact for their specific subject, whilst reflecting our Whole School Curriculum Statement and ensuring that learning is meaningful and enables all children to invest in their own success. The impact of each subject will be measured in a variety of ways and each subject policy outlines how the children will be assessed, how their learning is moved on and whether the skills taught across the term/year have been committed to long-term memory.