Visiting Grandma’s House!

By 24th November 2017Year 1

This week the children have continued reading, ‘The Jolly Postman’ and we have enjoyed visiting ‘Grandmas’ house! We have been retelling the story and learning about the terrible wolf who has destroyed pig’s houses and has been pretending to be Grandma! The children have also been writing letters to the wolf telling him off for his horrible crimes! In their outdoor environment the children have enjoyed acting out these familiar fairy tales and continue to amaze us with their resilience to learning.

Home task: Please read familiar fairy tales at home and see what interests your child! They may wish to retell a familiar story or act upon a story by writing a letter to one of the characters.

In Maths Mastery the children have been comparing numbers with twenty, learning that a teen number is ten and more. We have modelled this as thirteen is ten and three more etc. We have really focused on using full sentences and the language of fewer and greater.

Home task: See how you can compare teen numbers using practical objects – can the children show a teen number using an object such as apples; can they then draw this and explain where it is on a number line?During Phonics this week, we have looked at ew as in screw oe, au and ey. Please use the phonics homework to underline these diagraphs.

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  • Louise King says:

    These blogs are really helpful for letting us know what the children are doing in more detail than we sometimes get at home! I also really like the ideas for extending learning at home.

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