This week Year One have continued with our wonderful adventures following the Jolly Postman. We have written postcards to the giant from a range of far-away places! We have also created Wanted Posters to try and catch Jack! (as he is a rotten thief who stole the goose that lays Golden Eggs). We have read the letter for Cinderella and have written some posh invitations to invite some honoured guests to the wedding of Cinderella and Prince Charming!

At home task: Design a wedding outfit and construct using different materials; can you label your outfit using descriptive words?

In Maths we have investigated directional language and created algorithms to follow a series of instructions. We have begun to apply skills using numbers up to twenty and have practised grouping ten from a larger group of objects.

At home task: Practise counting ten from a larger group of objects; remember to check Mathletics!

We have been practising our Christmas performance; however some children still do not know their parts.  Please can all the children practise their lines at home.

In Phonics we have been focusing on: aw as in saw, wh as in what, ph as in elephant and ew as in screw. Please use the sheet sent home every Friday to underline these newly taught diagraphs.

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