Lots of Learning in Year 2!

By 13th October 2017Year 2

We would like to start by saying a massive thank you for all of the donations that have been made for us to be able to make rockets for Beegu this week. The children are SO excited.

This week the children have become authors and have been writing and editing their own space stories. The stories have been so amazing that the children will be publishing them into books to be displayed in their classroom book corners. They will be designing their own front cover, deciding the layout for the book and writing a blurb to intrigue the reader. We have researched how different authors use blurbs and decided on what style of blurbs we prefer and why.

In Maths they have been learning how to use > < and = symbols to order and compare numbers. We remember that the big, greedy crocodile only likes to eat the biggest numbers so we know his open jaws always have to point to the biggest number, no matter where it is in the equation. We have also begun to challenge ourselves looking at comparing two equations and putting the appropriate symbol in the middle e.g. 20 + 5 > 19 + 2. Feel free to give your children some examples and see if they can show you what they have learnt!

We have also taken part in very important PSHE lessons this week talking about how to stay safe online and what games are appropriate to play in the playground. The children have come up with some fabulous ideas of fun and exciting games that they can play in the playground which are suitable for their age and that won’t upset or scare other children. Please talk to your children about what games they should play at school and make sure they are looking out for themselves and their friends and not playing games that they shouldn’t.

Please see http://www.childnet.com/resources/smartie-the-penguin for good videos and resources to access with your child about online safety.

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