Easter Fun!

By 23rd March 2018Reception

Our beans have started to sprout roots and shoots and the children are enjoying making observations about what they can see as they are introduced to the new vocabulary regarding plants and growing.

We have also been continuing our count down to our Easter production! The children have been rehearsing like mad and are coping brilliantly despite the chickenpox outbreak we have been experiencing! We are asking to please have the children’s costumes in school by the end of this week so that we are ready for dress rehearsals on Monday.

The children are looking forward to a well-earned rest during the Easter holidays! We hope that the children have lots of fun during the weeks off and to help with ideas we have come up with a list of ideas you might like to try at home!

  • Help to develop your child’s handwriting by offering lots of opportunities to use and develop their arm and finger muscles. Children can have a great time going on the climbing equipment at local parks, playing with playdough (find some brilliant recipes you can make at home here – https://theimaginationtree.com/best-ever-no-cook-play-dough-recipe/ ) , or maybe even helping to hang the washing on the line!
  • Support speaking, listening and number skills by play fun board games together such as snakes and ladders, monopoly, or even a game of chess!
  • Develop knowledge in Understanding of the World through taking walks in our beautiful woods here in Joydens Wood. You could stop and listen to see what birds you can hear outside, or you might like to search for wiggly worms and spiders! The children have been learning about how important it is to take care of the creatures in our world and are very good at being careful and kind.
  • Keep your eyes open for signs of spring during the holidays and look out for signs of new life – hopefully the ‘Beast from the East’ will stay away for good!

Most importantly spend time together playing and having fun!!

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