Dinosaurs and Waste Week

By 8th March 2018Year 1
We have been creating an imaginary story about how the eggs got there and what this means for our school! In this writing the children have been using connectives to join their sentences together. We have also been learning about waste as it is waste week, the children have collected stickers for having clean plates at lunch and have also learnt about landfill and why we need to recycle more. We have also made a bar chart and collected data on the types of food waste that there is.
Home task: Use connectives to connect two sentences, maybe about a dinosaur!
In Maths the children have been using the make ten strategies to add two numbers together. We have also looked at problem solving and how we can count forwards and backwards to find the difference between two numbers.
Home task: Play ping pong tennis to ten! Shout a number and get your child to shout the number that will make the total ten.
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