Year 2 children have zoomed full speed into their topic of Space and are demonstrating a real engagement and love for their learning. We have been inspired by Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing and created our own hand gestures for the story of Beegu, thinking about different actions and motions to represent each key part of the book. This enables children to really focus on the important language within a story before they are expected to write or analyse it. Pie Corbett uploads a range of different stories following the Talk for Writing methods onto YouTube if you want to see more for yourself! The children have then built upon their knowledge of the story by changing one key thing and beginning to adapt it into a story of their own. Beegu no longer crashes her spaceship on Earth… you will have to ask your children where they decided to crash Beegu in their story!

We have been learning a range of fun and engaging space themed songs in music and continuing the theme in our dance lessons, imagining we are aliens or astronauts who have landed on a different planet and are exploring our surroundings. Some children were awarded smiley faces based on their rhythm, facial expressions and body control during their dancing and we as adults were very impressed with some of their dance moves! Sticking with this creative theme the children have even been thinking of their own mnemonics in Science to help them remember the order of the planets, the sillier the better!

We had a huge number of contributions for the Harvest Festival on Monday, thank you so much for your generosity. The school council members are really looking forward to delivering the food boxes to local residents in Joydens Wood, accompanied by their handwritten letters.

The children had brilliant fun taking part in the NSPCC Acti-thon on Tuesday. Don’t forget to return your sponsorship forms to the office to help support a very worthy cause. Thank you!

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