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By 23rd February 2018Year 2

We are delighted to announce that Maple Class won the award for the best class in the Dartford District for the Buster’s Book Club award on 7th February. Maple Class will be receiving their free tickets to Leeds Castle shortly.

In Maths this week we have been looking at addition and subtraction, using estimating to help us. The children use a range of resources to support them adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers, some crossing the tens boundary.

In English we have been exploring play scripts. The children have become actors, using play scripts for known stories to act out and understand the need for stage directions and the importance of the narrator. We have then been planning our own play scripts which we intend to perform to each other.

In Science this week we have been investigating how quickly ice melts in different conditions. The children looked at the effect of adding salt, sugar, pepper and food colouring to see if they have an impact on how quickly the ice melts.


Can you think of any other materials you could experiment with at home when testing ice melting?

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