Our School Council

By 18th February 2018Reception, Year 1, Year 2

Our School Council

What we do

We have collected data about the school and children’s ideas and opinions on what we do in school. We have our own school council folders in each class to show what we have been doing. We help the community at events such as Harvest festival and singing at Christmas. We let the community know what is going on at our school.

What we think about our school

Our school is big and we care about everyone in our school. We love to learn and find out new things. We have busy days at school that are full of new and interesting things to learn. Our teachers and other staff put a lot of effort into our school and they make our school feel like home as they are really helpful.

What we’d like to do

We are planning to renovate our pond area with the support of our families and the PTA. We are currently gathering the ideas from each class of what they would like in the pond area. We want to help our school to improve and be a place where everyone has a voice. We are also going to develop as role models around the school and wish to help our fellow students at playtimes.

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