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By 2nd May 2018Year 2

This week in Year One we have continued exploring the story, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and have considered how the story may end. They first used drama to act out their own ending to the story before mapping the ideas. The children then wrote the original story with their alternative ending. We have been encouraging Year One to use lots of description and different types of sentences.

At Home Task: Can you write an alternative ending to a story?

In Maths the children have looked at numbers between 50 and 100 and have compared them using their knowledge of number. They have had to consider how many tens and ones a number has and whether it is closer to 0 or 100.

At Home Task: Can you compare numbers considering their tens and ones?

During PSHE the children have considered their important milestone by completing a flower about their lives. In RE the children looked at religious symbols and their significance to Christians. For Geography they have looked at different transport links and how places link together.​

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