Busy, Busy in Year 2!

By 24th November 2017Year 2

This week the children have been tackling multiplication within Maths. They have used a range of resources to demonstrate their knowledge and have shown their understanding of commutativity. To end the week we will be looking for real life arrays (ask your children). See if you can find any in your own homes!

In line with Maths Mastery we are encouraging the children to speak in full sentences when discussing their Maths…I estimate the answer is … because… It can even be as simple as 2 multiplied by 2 is equal to 4. Please can we encourage you to try this at home.

Within English, the children have become authors, creating their own penguin stories. They have been using imaginative language and are editing their own work as they go.

We are all very excited for the Christmas Bake Off and Christmas Market and hope to see you there!

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