The Crayons are Quitting in Year 1!

By 19th April 2018Year 1
Welcome Back to Year One!
We would like to welcome all our parents and carers back to a busy but hopefully sunny term in Year One! Just a reminder that as the weather gets warmer it is important that the children bring a hat and have applied sun cream before their arrival at school.
In English we have begun looking at the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, we have acted in role and considered how our emotions can be ordered by how intense they are. The children have had the opportunity to write a diary entry in the role of Green Crayon and explain his next adventure after quitting the crayon box. We then edited this piece of work, checking for punctuation, spelling and sense making and then published our work.
At Home Task: Can you create a story around a crayon?
In Maths the children have looked at comparing weights, we have used the balance scale to find out which items are heavier or lighter than each other. We have ordered objects by weight by using our reasoning skills. We have also begun to use scales and look at standard units of measure for mass e.g. kilograms and grams.
At Home Task: What can you weigh around the house and how can you weigh different objects?
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