Rainbows are Flourishing in Year One!

By 11th May 2018Year 1

In English this week the children have learn the order of the colours of the rainbow through the mnemonic, Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. They have organised their ideas in groups around certain colours considering describing words. We have also learnt how to use dictionaries and thesauruses to aid us with improving writing through word choice. The children have now drafted a rainbow poem which they will edit and publish next week in the shape of a rainbow.

At Home Task: Can you create a rainbow poem about all the colours in the rainbow?

In Maths the children have looked at numbers between 50 and 100 and have compared them using their knowledge of number. They have had to investigate how many tens and ones a number has and whether it is closer to 0 or 100. We have also begun to add and subtract with these numbers and crossing the tens boundaries.

At Home Task: Can you do some adding and taking away at home or on the Mathletics website?

In our Topic lessons the children have considered the different ways that people have contact and how it is ok to say no when we do not feel comfortable with something. In DT we have designed our own special vehicle which we will build next week. Please could we have junk modelling of any kind ready for construction!

As the weather is improving we will not be using our wellies for the rest of this term, you are welcome to take them home.​

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