Persuasive Writing

By 4th July 2018Year 1

In English this week the children have been learning about persuasive writing. We have learnt how to take part in a conscience alley, whereby we have been giving the Fox advice on whether to stay in the den or go and look for the Star. From this we started to write our own persuasive letters to the Fox. We discussed how our letters need to be persuasive to encourage the Fox to either stay in the den or go look for the Star. 

Home Task – Can you write your own persuasive letter to a friend? 

In Maths this week the children have been looking at capacity and measure. The children have been exploring different sized containers and water. We have developed our capacity mathematical vocabulary, including full, half full, nearly empty and empty. From this knowledge, we moved on to comparing capacities. 



Home Task – Can you explore capacity in different containers from around your home?

In Topic this week we have been learning about what effect different liquids have on each other. The children started our experiment by predicting what they thought was going to happen and drawing a diagram of the experiment. As groups, we then tested the experiment, whereby we put food colouring into milk, then used a cotton bud with washing up liquid and used this to put into the milk. The children were amazed to see that the cotton bud with washing up liquid was able to move the food colouring. 






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