This week in Reception, we have been celebrating Chinese New Year! We have explored the many different traditions of the Chinese culture. This has involved some imaginative thinking; from parachute dragons in the garden to practising our chopstick skills in the kitchen area! In the Art Studio, we have made some wonderful creations by exploring different textures and techniques which have supported our colour mixing knowledge and physical development skills. It has been very busy in Explorers Room; we have used the Chinese alphabet to write each other’s names in Chinese. Our measuring skills have been practised as we have been measuring a range of different lengths of ‘noodles’. Our imaginative thinking has been set alive within the Imaginative Room as we have been taking orders and even creating our own menu for our Chinese Take Away. We have explored a variety of cuisine and also learnt about the differences between traditional Chinese home environments and our home environments.

Thank you very much to our stay and play guests, we have all thoroughly enjoyed your company!

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