Birds, Birds Everywhere!

By 19th April 2018Reception

This has been a wonderful first week back after Easter. We have heard all about the exciting activities that you and your children have been up to. The weather has certainly been a rather spectacular surprise and we have also had a visit from a very special tortoise that enjoyed spending the day with the Reception classes!

We have been learning about different types of birds including what they eat and where they live. The warm weather has inspired the majority of the children to explore nest making outside. Watching live videos of birds building their nests has encouraged the children to forage their own materials and design a safe, warm and cosy environment for our ‘birds’.

The children have had the opportunity to use information books, explore feathers and develop their own knowledge of a variety of birds. We have even begun to identify different bird calls and match these to the birds.

As part of our Art & Music Week, the children enjoyed spending time with our visitor Jodie, who supported the children to create their own masterpieces using a range of materials and media.

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