Beautiful Beetles

By 27th June 2018Year 1

In English this week the children have been learning facts about beetles. We have learnt that some beetles are as big as our hand, some change colour and some can emit gas that can burn their predators. From this we started to write our own riddles about beetles. We discussed how riddles are written in the first person and that riddles are a description of the animal itself. 

Home task: Can you write your own riddle for a different animal?

In Maths this week the children have been studying repeated addition, grouping and arrays. They have been learning how we can group multiple objects in a variety of ways. They developed their understanding of putting objects into groups by looking at arrays. Arrays are an arrangement of objects in either columns or rows which help us to work out repeated addition sums and multiplication.

Home task: Can you group your toys into multiple groups/arrays?

In Topic this week we have been learning the skill to sketch before completing a piece of art work. We have looked at landscapes and what this entails, starting by using our skills to sketch our own landscape. The children were given an option of pencils, paint, pens, crayons and chalk to complete their landscape picture. ​After completing this they were able to add layers to their art work through the use of alternative media. For example, children who used paint were then able to add chalk or pencil on top to give the picture depth and detail.

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