Pause for Thought



Home/School Learning

Getting the balance right between home and school is vital. At our school we have a cohesive approach towards our home/school learning. We listen to our children’s and parents’ views and adapt our approach and expectations so that learning at home is as highly effective as possible. We use termly parent voice groups to discuss home/school learning expectations and ensure our current approach is real and relevant to our children. Our aim is simple:

Maximise learning outside of school in a short, simple and effective way.

We use three aspects to ensure the learning at home adds value to each child’s education:

  • Interest
  • Relevance
  • Motivation

At our school we set homework that is tailor made for every child to ensure that each child is equipped with the skills to tackle learning outside of school. This is established by each child having:

  • Spellings based on phonic knowledge – spellings are set depending on their phonics group and reading level.
  • Guided Reading – Each child is allocated a guided reading group within school that scaffolds and extends their reading ability in every session. The books and strategies are then shared with our parents so that they can build upon newly learnt skills rapidly.
  • Parent Workshops/Forums – These are led frquently by our leaders and teachers to ensure that current teaching strategies are shared and parents feel informed for the term’s learning ahead.

Capturing ‘Wow Moments’ in and out of school.

Tapestry is an online learning journal system whereby each child’s learning and progress is captured in and out of school. Parents can view their child’s journal on mobile devices and on their home computers, and they can make observations of their own using a secure login system. At our school we use this system throughout our school so that every parent feels a part of their child’s school day.

Aiming high!

All our children have a minimum expectation for their homework. Outlined below are the minimum requirements:

Year Groups Maths Spellings/Phonics Guided Reading
EYFS Recognising & ordering numbers to 20.

Reliably matching numbers to quantities using objects.

 5 new Phonics sounds per week. 5-10 mins daily
Year 1 Times tables:

2x, 10x, 5x,

5 new spellings set every week 5-10 mins daily
Year 2 Times tables:

2x, 10x, 5x, 3x, 4x

5 new spellings set every week 10 mins daily