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Home/School Learning

Getting the balance right between home and school is vital. At our school we have a cohesive approach towards our home/school learning. We listen to our children’s and parents’ views and adapt our approach and expectations so that learning at home is as highly effective as possible. We use termly parent voice groups to discuss home/school learning expectations and ensure our current approach is real and relevant to our children. Our aim is simple:

Maximise learning outside of school in a short, simple and effective way.

We use three aspects to ensure the learning at home adds value to each child’s education:

  • Interest
  • Relevance
  • Motivation

At our school we set homework that the child has FULL ownership over regardless of age or ability

Homework is AWESOME! 

Homework is child-lead and reward based. Each child will be set the challenge of making 20 points from undertaking different exciting homework challenges for all children in their class. The children can simply self select a range of activities to do as often as they like. On a Friday between 8.45-9.00 am parents are welcomed in the classroom to help their child mark off their Homework Reward Chart to support them in tallying up their points. Those children who have obtained 20 points by the end of half term will be given a special certificate. The idea is to remove the pressure on parents and the lack of impact ‘homework’ can have when given as an ‘added extra’. We feel it will help parents in supporting the ‘pre-teaching’ of the wider curriculum as well as embedding half termly core subject strategies.

Class Stories 

Each class will have a live Class Story. This is an online platform through Classroom Dojo (click here to watch a demo video) this enables the class teacher to share updates on a secure platform to all the parents. Updates relating to your child’s class’ learning journey will be posted on here as well as using it as a positive platform to share information and the term’s homework. Watch this space for your invitation to join!